Case Presentation Tutorial for Dentists

Maximize Your Case Acceptance with These Simple Strategies

Case Presentation dentist tutorialThree-Part Case Presentation Strategy Video and Slide Presentation

Part 1: Financial Arrangements
3 videos totaling 63 minutes, 35 seconds
Part 2: Case Acceptance
1 video: 27 minutes, 27 seconds
Part 3: Financial Arrangements Tactics
2 videos totaling 52 minutes, 13 seconds

You also get the following free bonuses as part of this tutorial:

Free Bonus 1 – Downloadable Scripts:

Free Bonus 2 – Downloadable and editable Patient Treatment Forms and Credit Card Authorization Form for patient payment:

Free Bonus 3 – Downloadable and editable document explaining your Financial Arrangements Policies to your patients:

Free Bonus 4 – Downloadable and editable Insurance Policy Letter to explain to your patients why you will no longer accept insurance as payment:

Free Bonus 5 – Downloadable audio version of the complete tutorial in MP3 format and downloadable printouts of the complete transcriptions and full slide show

Downloadable MP3 audio files:

Downloadable RTF printouts of the complete transcription of each video lesson for you to review:

Financial Arrangements

Case Acceptance

Financial Arrangements Tactics

Downloadable PDF printouts of the full slide show to review at any time:

Live Video Presentations

Part 1: Financial Arrangements (3 videos)

Video #1 of 3 (18 minutes, 29 seconds)

Video #2 of 3 (26 minutes, 9 seconds)

Video #3 of 3 (18 minutes, 57 seconds)

Part 2: Case Acceptance (1 video)

Video #1 of 1 (27 minutes, 27 seconds)

Part 3: Financial Arrangements Tactics (2 videos)

Video #1 of 2 (27 minutes, 2 seconds)

Video #2 of 2 (26 minutes, 37 seconds)