Front Desk Marketing Machine

Front Desk Marketing Machine: a dental marketing tutorialThis is one of our core internal marketing strategies that we offer. Once in place, it has to potential to DOUBLE the number of new patients in your chair. Why? Because up to 50% of your new patient calls are lost at the front desk!

How to Turn Your Front Desk Team into an Outrageous Marketing Machine!

How many new patients can you expect? Even the best managed practices don't convert 100% of new patient inquiries. This program is designed to increase your teams conversion of calls to actual patients in your chair from 20% to 100%.

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Part 1: Creating a Front Desk Marketing Machine


Plus you get these bonuses:

  • Bonus 1 – Downloadable New Patient Emergency / Examination Telephone Control Slip that you can edit to match your style of practice – Editable Phone Slip (MS Word)
  • Bonus 2 – Downloadable Step-by-Step Training Guide with Verbal Skill Scripts for New Patient Emergency callers – Front Desk Slip with Script (PDF)
  • Bonus 3 – Downloadable Team Telephone Etiquette Guide for easy reference by your team – Telephone Etiquette Guide (PDF)
  • Bonus 4Downloadable audio version of the tutorial you can burn to a CD and play in your car – Download the MP3 (24 minutes, 48 seconds)
  • Bonus 5 – Downloadable printout of the slide show.
  • Bonus 6 – Downloadable printout of the complete written transcript of the tutorial to review at any time – Read the Transcript (PDF)