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For direct help, go to our support section to send us an email. Use the drop-down menu to let us know if your question is about technical support, billing, or general admin.

Here are some of our Frequently Asked Questions.

Your TWDU Membership

What is included in my membership?

The "Your Resources" page lists all your features and bonuses. In addition to our bonus material, member doctors have access to the Video Library, our webinar archive, and our Tools section.

How can I change my password?

You can change your password, email, and how your name is displayed on the Account Settings page.

How can I change or cancel my membership?

Just go to the support section
and send us an email. You MUST email us before we can cancel your membership.

How will I be billed?

You will see one monthly charge on your credit card from "The Wealthy Dentist University" for your tuition.

Using Our Website

I’m a new member. Where do I start?

New members can start by checking out our Quick Start Guide.

How do I navigate the website?

If you don’t know where to start, take the video tour of the site. You can tour the entire site, or just the areas that interest you the most. WebinarsToolsVideo Library… and more.

The Video Library

How do I use the Video Library and my monthly credits?

As past of your membership, you get 1000 credits a month to spend in our Video Library. The library is a collection of tutorials on different dental marketing and management topics.

Are my credits only for the Video Library?

Yes. Your monthly credits are only use in our Video Library so you can choose which lessons interest you the most. No other University services cost credits. For example, you don’t have to spend any credits to view our webinars or use our tools.

Do my credits roll over?

Yes. Unused credits do not expire. You’ll have 12,000 credits at the end of a year if you don’t spend any. (But why would you do that?)

Will you be adding new videos to the Video Library?

Absolutely! We regularly post new tutorials.

How can I go back to a previously viewed tutorial?

The "Your Resources" page will always list all tutorials you’ve purchased. (Note that once you have purchased a lesson, you will no longer see it listed in the Video Library.)

Am I under any time constraints to access and view the material in the Video Library?

No. Once you use your credits to purchase a tutorial from our library, you will have permanent access to that lesson.

Once I use my credits to access the educational material, do I always have access to it?

Yes. The lessons you add to your personal library will ALWAYS be available to you. Even if you cancel your membership, you’ll still be able to view all the lessons in your personal library.

Can I download the video programs to take with me?

No. For security and technical reasons, our videos are only available for online viewing. You can use your login information to access these lessons from any computer connected to the Internet.


Can I view recordings of past webinars?

Of course! You can review the complete archives of all our webinars in our We host occasional webinars on topics of dental marketing and management on our complete
Webinar Archive.

When are the live webinars held?

We host occasional webinars on topics of dental marketing and management. If you or someone you know is interested in being a webinar guest, send us a note through the support section.

Do I have to use my credits in order to sign up for the live webinar?

No! As part of your enrollment, you’re invited to attend our webinars at no cost. You do NOT have to use any of your Video Library credits in order to attend the live webinars or view recordings of past webinars.

What if I cannot attend a live webinar?

We know some doctors have unavoidable conflicts. Following each webinar, we put all the files online for anyone who wasn’t able to attend the live session. You can watch the video, download the audio, or read the transcripts – whatever works best for you.

About TWDU

What is Jim Du Molin’s background?

Jim Du Molin has decades of experience as a dental consultant. His clients previously paid $22,000 a year for his management and marketing expertise. But Jim’s out of the one-on-one dental consulting business now. Instead, he’s packaged up all his knowledge in an online format at The Wealthy Dentist University.

Who is Julie Frey?

Julie Frey is Dean of The Wealthy Dentist University. A graduate of Stanford University, Julie has years of experience in marketing, Internet content, and search engine optimization. For over four years, she has worked side-by-side with Jim Du Molin to develop internet marketing tools for dentists and dental practices.