New Patient Tracking

There are few universal truths in business. But one that is well understood is that if you are not measuring it, you can’t manage it.

John Wanamaker, considered the father of modern advertising, once said, “I know that half of my advertising dollars are wasted… I just don’t know which half.”

Tracking the sources of your new patients is the only way to reliably determine which of your marketing avenues are leading to the best return on your investment (ROI).

The Wealthy Dentist University recommends that your new patient tracking be integrated with your dental marketing and/or management programs. We have a specific suggestion…

The New Patient Marketing Machine from the Internet Dental Alliance is an online dental marketing program that includes Total Lead Tracking. IDA dental marketing campaigns included targeted dental websites and dental directory listings. Online lead tracking allows you to monitor every single lead from each of these sources. You can even listen to recordings of new patient phone calls and view graphs of your new patient lead by source, geographical area, and more.

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