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Family Dental Associates[At right] Look at how this practice has put a board in their sign where they can make announcements – or offer teeth whitening specials for $120!

Sunriver Dental Care[At left] Sunriver Dental Care went big, and the visibility they got was worth every penny.

Sunriver Dental Care[At right] It’s a good-looking building with good-looking signage to match.

Lakewood Dental Care[At left] The sign for Lakewood Dental Care, with its pictures of trees, towers above the actual trees. Hard to miss. Why not build as high as you can?

Main Street Dental Care[At right] This quaint sign sits atop a pole, maintaining a historic feel.

North Valdosta Dental Care[At left] Look at the size of that sign! Dr. Bynum has kept it simple, but he’s included his website address.

Joe Allen Family Dentistry[At right] This is an example of everything not to do with your sign. No lighting, not perpendicular to the street, no phone number or web address.

Joe Allen Family Dentistry[At left] Plus, the sign is carved out of wood… which will fade, chip and crack… much like wooden teeth.

Joe Allen Family Dentistry[At right] The bed of ivy adds an additional element of elegance.

Pediatric Dentistry practice[At left] I also like this sign because it can be updated easily and inexpensively as associates come and go. Whit it lacks is a phone number and web address.

Dan Hopper, Family Dental Care[At right] This is an internally-lit sign which really pops! Now it I could get the doctor to feature more services on the bottom — and a web address — it would double his response!

Shad Bay Dental[At left] The geographic designator “Shad Bay” gives this practice an obvious graphic element, and they’ve made the most of it here. Now all we need is lights, phone, web address, doctor name, “Family & (Cosmetic, Implant, Sedation, etc.) Care”… Then we would have a real sign!

Southern Hills Dental Care[At right] Dr. Dies did a great job with this sign –just look at how visible he made his phone number on this sign! He just needs to add his web address and plant some nice flowers around it.

Farr Dentistry[At left] Farr Family & Cosmetic Dentistry – a name that targets cosmetic patients without alienating those looking for family and general dentistry.

Griffin Dental Care[At right] A great sign except for one thing: no phone number! Including the website address is good, but why not a phone number as well?

After hours Dental Care[At left] Providing “After Hours Dental Care” is a big commitment, but if you’re going to make it, make sure people know! You want them to remember you when they have an after-hours emergency. But where is the big phone number and web address?

Children's Medicaid Dental[At right] Know your target market. Now, I’m not sure I’d recommend Medicaid children’s dentistry to a dentist trying to make big profits, but that’s not the point. Everyone knows just who this practice is targeting.

Northridge Dental Group[At left] This font expresses authority and reliability.


Other Ideas

Dentistry arrow sign[At left] Clever use of space on the side of the building. The large “Dentistry” arrow sign is unmistakable.

This sign is in San Francisco, and it works excellently in an urban location. Just add a phone number!

Dental practice holiday lights[At right] The holidays are an opportunity to dress up your building.

Dental practice holiday lightsDr. Stephen McAnaney makes the most of the opportunity to let his practice sparkle.

(For big jobs like this, I recommend you hire professionals. It’s just not worth the hassle… the headache… the risk of electrocution…)

Dental Office Parking Only[At left] Save your parking spaces – with a little bit of humor. I would have been super clear here and put in, “Patient Parking Only.”

Ortodontist[At right] My wife Suzanne took this picture when we were stranded in Turkey after 9/11. Not only were the Turkish people unbelievably gracious during this difficult time, this orthodontist had some basic marketing skills that many doctors in the US miss.


The Trouble with Logos

Indoor dental sign[At left] This is a simple indoor sign. Hard to go wrong, right? Well, just try adding a logo that’s confusing and hard to read….

Resnevic & Agin Dental Associates[At right] One has to be careful with logos. This one looks to me like a tooth wearing headphones.


Targeting High-Value Patients

Cosmetic Dentistry[At left] Hmm, I wonder what sort of dentistry they offer at Pocasset Dental? Do you suppose this practice wants families or does root canals?

Implants - Cosmetic - Sleep Dentistry[At right] “Implants – Cosmetic – Sleep Dentistry – Comfortable care for the high fear patient,” reads the sign for Lafayette Hill Dental Care. Dr. Silverman knows who his high-value patients are!

Dentistry While You Sleep[At left] Great sign! Cunning Dental Group’s sign reads, “Dentistry While You Sleep” – a great way to target sedation patients. But where do I call for an appointment or go on the web for more info about sedation?

Plymouth Meeting Dental Associates[At right] “Comprehensive Dentistry & Smile Rejuvenation.” It’s a great looking sign, but… “smile rejuvenation”?!?


Lighted Signs

Medford Family Dental Care[At left] Note how this sign features a spotlight to keep it visible even at night.

Jeff Mix Orthodontics[At right] Even when you’re not working, your sign can work for you. A glowing sign gives you an added level of visibility.

Northridge Dental Group[At left] Northridge Dental Group’s sign is easy to read, and it’s clear what they offer: “Family, Cosmetic, Implant Dentistry.”

Northridge Dental Group[At right] The sign is lit at night, making it an even more effective marketing tool.

Queensway Dental[At left] Queensway Dental doesn’t disappear in the dark.


Neon Signs

These neon signs are good for upper story windows in urban areas or on the back walls of strip mall practices that don’t allow signage in the front windows. They’re a great “stealth signage” method!

Neon dentist's sign[At left] A neon sign doesn’t need to include your name, just as long as it expresses the point of “dentist.”

Neon tooth sign[At right] There can be real value in “stealth signage” that advertizes that a dentist is located here.

Neon 24-hour dentist sign[At left] A cute sign, but a bold offer – 24 hour dentistry!


Banner Signage

Strawberry Village Dental Care[At left] With strict signage rules, Strawberry Village Dental Care didn’t have a lot of options for their permanent signage.

Strawberry Village Dental Care banner signage[At right] So they solved the problem with a banner that reads, “Personalized & Comfortable Cosmetic Dentistry,” and underneath that,  “Welcome! Call for Your Appointment Today.”

Jones Bridge Dental Care[At left] The folks over at Jones Bridge Dental Care took this photo as part of their Dentistry from the Heart program. “One Day of Free Dentistry,” the banner reads.


Signage During Construction

Coming Soon![At left] This “Coming Soon” sign announces Lake Texoma Dental Care’s new location – even giving potential patients a phone number and telling them to “Call Today!”

Lake Texoma Dental Care[At right] Once the building is built, the practice gets a permanent sign. Dr. McAnaney has done just about everything right here. Note how he has included his website address on both signs.

Future Site of...[At left] During construction, why not add some signage to attract future patients? Just needs a phone number for patients to call now and a web address to talk about the new facility coming to this location!


Way Back When…

Vintage dentist sign[At left] They used to do things a little differently… Today, I wouldn’t recommend including a skull on your sign next to the words “Painless Extraction.”