Webinar: Health Care Reform

In our second webinar (on 12/17/2009), we focused on the topic of health care reform. Jim Du Molin, Dr. Fred Sharpe and Dr. Marc Cooper discussed how new changes could affect dentists. Later, Julie Frey asked Jim Du Molin marketing and management questions submitted directly by dentists.

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Part 1: Dental benefits advisor Dr. Fred Sharpe on health care reform’s effect on dentistry

Dr. Sharpe addresses the following questions:

  • What will happen if the government finds that there is not enough access to dental care?
  • What’s happening with advanced hygiene doing extractions, fillings and that type of thing?
  • What are some current efforts in other countries that might be tried in the United States?
  • Will the federal or state governments eventually manage dental services, at least for some programs? How would that actually work?

Part 2: Dr. Marc Cooper of the Mastery Group on what private practices can expect

Dr. Cooper answers the following questions:

  • What impact will the access issue have on private practice dentistry?
  • What sort of impact could health care reform have on private practice dentistry, particularly cosmetic practices?
  • Do you really think government will stop with cleanings?
  • How will the government be able to pressure the industry into increasing access if that is their ultimate goal?

Plus, a free-wheeling discussion of health care reform between Dr. Cooper, Dr. Sharpe, and Jim Du Molin.

Part 3: Jim Du Molin answers questions directly from dentists

  1. “If I’m a general dentist who does oral and IV sedation, what is the best way to market or get my name out to other general dentists?”
  2. “I send out a monthly newsletter, half by email and half by snail mail. I have no idea how much either version is read. Are newsletters a good way of retaining my existing patients?”
  3. “How do you market to a community that has a dentist (the one the current dentist bought the practice from) bad-mouthing our dentist all around town?”
  4. “How can a general dentist use the information that patients have been putting off dental work for the past two years to their advantage?”