Webinar: Personnel and Marketing 1

In our webinar on 1/28/2010, we focused on personnel and marketing. Barbara Freet talked about professional relationship sexual harassment and employee pregnancy leave. Melinda Spitek discussed referral programs, internet marketing and direct mail. Later, Julie Frey asked Jim Du Molin questions submitted directly by dentists about marketing and getting financially qualified patients.

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Part 1: Human resource advisor Barbara Freet

Barbara Freet, PHR, President of Human Resource Advisors, answers the following questions:

  1. “Dentists are small employers. As we look at the legal climate for 2010, what are the 3 things that dentists should be aware of to protect themselves?” [Hint: Professional relationship sexual harassment is a term you now need to know.]
  2. “I have heard that dentists can get into trouble if they don’t handle pregnancy leaves correctly. What are the most important things they need to do when someone says she’s pregnant?”
  3. “What is the best way to handle things like tardiness, absenteeism, and attitude issues?”

Part 2: Dental marketing expert Melinda Spitek

Melinda Spitek, CEO of Hycomb Marketing and author of Dental Marketing: When a Shingle Isn’t Enough, addresses these questions:

  1. “Most dentists, in this economic downturn, have noticed a decline in new patient flow and production. What do you think their most important marketing effort should be?”
  2. The internet has become a favorite medium for dental marketing. Do you think it’s the wave of the future?”
  3. “Direct Mail has been one of the most effective means for dentists to get new patients. What advice would you give dentists who are considering Direct Mail in the current economy?”

Part 3: Jim Du Molin answers questions directly from dentists

  1. “Jim, knowing all that you know about marketing, if for some bizarre reason you could only do ONE thing to market your dental practice, what would that be?”
  2. “How can I, with all the other hats I have to wear, develop and consistently implement a marketing program? I don’t have the time or training to know what to do or if the company I hire knows what they are doing.”
  3. “We get a lot of new patients, but many are unqualified financially. Many patients that could get credit in the past can’t now. How do we get more financially qualified patients that can move ahead with treatment in this credit climate?”