Webinar: Personnel and Marketing 2

In our webinar on 2/18/2010, we focused on personnel and marketing. Barbara Freet talked about employee discipline and how much documentation you need. Dental marketing expert Dr. Michael Silverman talked about what it takes to make marketing successful. Finally, Jim Du Molin answered questions from dentists about phone book ads, online marketing budgets, and offering pricing specials.

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Part 1: HR advisor Barbara Freet

Barbara Freet, PHR, President of Human Resource Advisors, answers the following questions:

  1. “Is there some legal reason why I should discipline a wayward employee and not just fire them?”
  2. “What is the most effective method of employee discipline?”
  3. How much documentation is enough to protect the dentist employer?”

Part 2: Dental marketing expert Dr. Michael Silverman

Dr. Michael Silverman – President of RAMP, the dentist’s advertising agency, as well as the President of DOCS Education – addresses these questions:

  1. “In 2010, what one thing would stop you from recommending any and all advertising to a potential client?”
  2. “What single thing makes a practice the most successful with the marketing campaign?”
  3. “What new awareness has occurred in the nature of dental marketing that the dentists need to know?”

Part 3: Jim Du Molin answers questions directly from dentists

  1. “Do telephone book ads work anymore?”
  2. “How does a dentist determine his or her online internet budget? How do you evaluate which online directories or websites are working for you?”
  3. “Is it in good dental marketing taste to announce to the general public periodic or monthly pricing specials for specific dental treatments or services?”