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In our webinar on 7/29/2010, we discussed the future of dentistry. We were joined by dental benefits advisor Dr. Fred Sharpe who discussed the future of health care. Dental marketing expert Melinda Spitek shared her thoughts on the challenges that will face dentists. Finally, Jim Du Molin talked about the future of dental marketing and management.

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Part 1: Dr. Fred Sharpe on the future of health care

  1. “What’s the latest on the new national health program and dentistry?”
  2. “What is the FAIR health project and what will it mean to dentists?”
  3. “Will the concept of a mid-level dental provider be utilized across the country?”

Part 2: Dental marketing expert Melinda Spitek on future challenges

  1. “Do you believe patients understand how important it is to have healthy teeth and gums?”
  2. “Why do you think that, even today, dentists don’t include marketing to patients in their day-to-day practice management?”
  3. “Do you believe dentistry is going in a circle back to the days before insurance?”
  4. “What do you see is the future of dentistry?”
  5. “How do you think dentists can survive? What are your recommendations for a simple basic marketing plan?”

Part 3: Jim Du Molin on the the future of dental marketing and management

  1. “How has the economy affected dentistry?”
  2. “How has the recession affected individual doctors?”
  3. “What is the future of dental marketing?”
  4. “What is the absolutely best dental marketing vector for the future?”
  5. “What are possible solutions to these problems?”
  6. “If a dentist has a storefront with two large windows, what is the best way to do signage?”