Webinar: Sedation Dentistry 2

In our webinar on 5/22/2010, we spoke with Dr. Dan Garza, DDS about Oral Systemic Balance Therapy. We were also joined by lease negotiator Lewis Gelmon who shared his thoughts on the future of dental real estate. Finally, Jim Du Molin answered dentists’ questions on marketing and management.

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Part 1: Dr. Dan Garza on Oral Systemic Balance Therapy

Dr. Garza is a practicing dentist who’s enthusiastic about offering Oral System Balance Therapy to his patients. Hear his family’s story to find out why he’s so passionate!

  1. “What is Oral Systemic Balance Therapy? How did you get introduced to it?”
  2. “What types of conditions can be helped by Oral Systemic Balance Therapy?”
  3. “What is the typical fee charge for OSB Therapy?”
  4. “This seems like a really time-intensive therapy. How are you able to make
    it economically feasible?"
  5. "How can a dentist offer this to his or her patients?"
  6. "How does the OSB appliance relate to the appliance that was used promoted recently in the sports industry for oxygenation and improved sports performance?"
  7. "Have you seen any major reactions from the medical community with this or being featured in 60 Minutes?"
  8. "Do you have any ideas or recommendations on how best to promote or market this in an ethical way?"
  9. "What’s the cost of certification?”

Part 2: Dental lease negotiator Lewis Gelmon on the future of real estate

  1. “What’s the current state of commercial real estate? How does this affect dentists?”
  2. “What are the benefits of leasing rather than owning your dental practice facility?”
  3. “What should the dentist watch out for when leasing space?”

Part 3: Jim Du Molin answers dentists’ questions

  1. “I’m a dentist in a storefront with large windows. What do you recommend in terms of signage words and or graphics?”
  2. “As a dentist, how can I get my staff to ask our existing patients for referrals?”
  3. “Is building a marketing plan for social media a worthwhile effort?”