Webinar: Sedation Dentistry

In our webinar on 4/22/2010, we focused on sedation dentistry. We spoke with Dr. Michael Silverman, DMD, of DOCS Education, as well as John Bitting, Esq., legal counsel for DOCS Education. Practicing sedation dentist Dr. Dan Garza, DDS also shared his perspective. Finally, Jim Du Molin answered questions directly from dentists.

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Part 1: Dr. Michael Silverman, DMD, of DOCS Education

Dr. Michael Silverman, DMD, President of DOCS Education, answers the following questions about sedation:

  1. “You didn’t used to teach pediatric oral sedation. What made you change your mind?”
  2. “How does pediatric oral sedation fit into the dentist’s business model?”
  3. “Why did you add IV sedation dentistry to DOCS’s course catalog?”
  4. “How have DOCS protocols evolved over the last 10 years?”

Part 2: John Bitting, Esq., legal counsel for DOCS Education

As legal counsel for DOCS Education, attorney John Bitting is well-qualified to address these questions sedation and regulation:

  1. “Can you give us a brief overview of the IV sedation regulations in the U.S.?”
  2. “What are the regulations about the increasing autonomy of hygienists?”
  3. “Dentists are rapidly adding Botox to their armamentarium. What regulatory issues does Botox present?”
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Part 3: Practicing sedation dentist Dr. Dan Garza

Dr. Dan Garza has been practicing sedation dentistry for 12 year. Here, he shares his thoughts on these questions:

  1. “How long have you been┬ádoing sedation dentistry?”
  2. “Are there any advantages to being a sedation dentist in a rural area like where you practice?”
  3. “When it comes to sedation patients, what is your biggest challenge?”
  4. “How do you market in a rural area?”
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Part 4: Jim Du Molin answers dentists’ questions

  1. “If I’ve never offered sedation dentistry before, how can I introduce it to my patients?”
  2. “When marketing sedation dentistry outside my practice, what strategy is best?”
  3. “After radio and television, what is the best return on investment for sedation marketing?”
  4. “Does marketing for sedation patients have as good of a return on investment (ROI) as cosmetic or implant patients?”
  5. “What is the biggest problem in marketing for sedation patients?”
  • (MP3, 15:58)
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