Webinar: Unemployment Obligations and National Health Reform

In our webinar on 3/18/2010, we focused on doctors’ unemployment obligations and national health reform. Barbara Freet talked about the ins and outs of unemployment insurance. Dental benefits advisor Dr. Fred Sharpe discussed what effects health care reform could have on dentistry. Finally, Jim Du Molin answered questions from dentists.

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Part 1: HR advisor Barbara Freet on Unemployment Insurance

Barbara Freet, PHR, President of Human Resource Advisors, answers the following questions about unemployment insurance:

  1. “Doctors don’t like paying Unemployment Insurance. Is it just one of the costs of doing business?”
  2. “Are there ways to avoid unemployment insurance?”
  3. “When should a doctor fight an unemployment ruling?”

Part 2: Dental benefits advisor Dr. Fred Sharpe

Dr. Fred Sharpe, Chief Dental Officer for Avesis, addresses these questions about health care reform:

  1. “Where is dentistry in the proposed national health plan?”
  2. “Do you think that dentistry will change because of government pressures?”
  3. “We now have OSHA, HIPAA, NBDP, NPI and lots of other national requirements for dental practices. Where will it end?”

Part 3: Jim Du Molin answers dentists’ questions

  1. “How can I persuade all those patients ‘sitting on the fence’ to commit to starting their treatment now? Many want to start but are scared to commit their resources.”
  2. “My fee discount policy (seniors, cash patients, etc.) is somewhat willy-nilly. What’s a good system?”
  3. “Is it true that the ‘niche’ type of practice is not the most effective business model in this ever-changing environment?”