Dental Webinar Archive

July 2010: The Future of Dentistry
  • Dr. Fred Sharpe on the future of health care and dentistry
  • Dental marketing expert Melinda Spitek on future challenges
  • Jim Du Molin on the the future of dental marketing and management
May 2010: Sedation Dentistry
  • Dr. Dan Garza on Oral Systemic Balance Therapy®
  • Dental lease negotiator Lewis Gelmon on the future of real estate
  • Jim Du Molin answers dentists’ questions
April 2010: Sedation Dentistry
  • Dr. Michael Silverman, President of DOCS Education, on how sedation education is changing
  • John Bitting, Esq., legal counsel for DOCS Education, on sedation laws
  • Dr. Dan Garza on his 12 years as a practicing sedation dentist
  • Jim Du Molin on marketing to sedation patients
March 2010: Unemployment Insurance & Health Reform
  • HR advisor Barbara Freet on unemployment insurance
  • Dr. Fred Sharpe on health care reform & dentistry
  • Jim Du Molin on fence-sitters, discount policies, and 'niche' practices
February 2010: Personnel & Marketing
  • Marketing expert Dr. Michael Silverman on making marketing successful
  • HR advisor Barbara Freet on employee discipline and documentation
  • Jim Du Molin on phone books, online budgets, and pricing specials
January 2010: HR & Marketing
  • Barbara Freet on professional sexual harassment and pregnancy leave
  • Melinda Spitek on referral programs, internet marketing and direct mail
  • Jim Du Molin on marketing and getting financially qualified patients
December 2009: Health Care, Marketing & Management
  • Dr. Fred Sharpe and Dr. Marc Cooper and Jim Du Molin on how new changes in health care could affect dentists
  • Jim on sedation marketing, newsletters, and reputation management
November 2009: Health Care, HR & Real Estate
  • Dr. Fred Sharpe on what health care reform might mean for dentistry
  • HR advisor Barbara Freet on termination and paying unemployment
  • Lease negotiator Lewis Gelmon on dentists’ current real estate options

What is a Webinar?

Our webinars are a forum for discussing different marketing and management issues, featuring questions from students and interviews with guests. During each online webinar, we not only answer your questions but bring in guest consultants, member doctors maybe even you experts from both inside and outside the dental community.

Our webinar archives are a valuable tool for gaining insights on dental marketing and management from leaders in the field.