The Million Dollar Sign

The Million-Dollar Sign: a dental marketing tutorialI’ve been helping doctors design and position their dental practice signs for over fifteen years.

The issues are much more complex than just what to say on your dental office sign. You have to take into consideration the position of the signs relative to the building and the flow of traffic. And, of course, observe the all-important signage zoning codes.

The $1,000,000 Office Sign!

The economics of good dental signage are too important to just wing it. A well-deigned set of signs — you’ll notice I used the plural, meaning more than one — can easily put a $1,000,000 extra into your pension fund for retirement.

Dental Signage GalleryTo make it as easy as possible, I decided to put the whole program online as a video training program with slides and a bunch of extras. I’ll even walk you through my "Stealth Signage" program on how to get high visibility in areas where signage is restricted!

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Part 1

Part 2

Plus you get these bonuses:

Case Presentation Tutorial for Dentists

Maximize Your Case Acceptance with These Simple Strategies

Case Presentation dentist tutorialThree-Part Case Presentation Strategy Video and Slide Presentation

Part 1: Financial Arrangements
3 videos totaling 63 minutes, 35 seconds
Part 2: Case Acceptance
1 video: 27 minutes, 27 seconds
Part 3: Financial Arrangements Tactics
2 videos totaling 52 minutes, 13 seconds

You also get the following free bonuses as part of this tutorial:

Free Bonus 1 – Downloadable Scripts:

Free Bonus 2 – Downloadable and editable Patient Treatment Forms and Credit Card Authorization Form for patient payment:

Free Bonus 3 – Downloadable and editable document explaining your Financial Arrangements Policies to your patients:

Free Bonus 4 – Downloadable and editable Insurance Policy Letter to explain to your patients why you will no longer accept insurance as payment:

Free Bonus 5 – Downloadable audio version of the complete tutorial in MP3 format and downloadable printouts of the complete transcriptions and full slide show

Downloadable MP3 audio files:

Downloadable RTF printouts of the complete transcription of each video lesson for you to review:

Financial Arrangements

Case Acceptance

Financial Arrangements Tactics

Downloadable PDF printouts of the full slide show to review at any time:

Live Video Presentations

Part 1: Financial Arrangements (3 videos)

Video #1 of 3 (18 minutes, 29 seconds)

Video #2 of 3 (26 minutes, 9 seconds)

Video #3 of 3 (18 minutes, 57 seconds)

Part 2: Case Acceptance (1 video)

Video #1 of 1 (27 minutes, 27 seconds)

Part 3: Financial Arrangements Tactics (2 videos)

Video #1 of 2 (27 minutes, 2 seconds)

Video #2 of 2 (26 minutes, 37 seconds)

Case Presentation Tutorial for Dentists

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